Spec Sheets

We created these CAD based .pdf files so that you can create you own source control drawings...all you have to do is put in your part number. Just another way that EMI Filter Company makes procuring easy and pleasant.

The links below go to .pdf versions of the drawings.  For filters, those with "C", "L", "Pi", & "T" circuits, first drawing to appear is the overview page with all the standard capacitance values.  Below that are the individual drawings for each specific value.  For non-capacitive feedthroughs and ground points the links open directly to the .pdf drawings.  Please e-mail us if you would like to receive specification drawings in AutoCAD format (.dwg) sales@emifiltercompany.com


Powerline PL Series; The "Pi" alternative ideal for load conditions.  Available in popular threaded sizes.


"C's, "L"s, "Pi"s

&"T"s Capacitive Feed-Thrus

"0" Cap Feed-Thrus



2-56 Threaded

w/.020" dia. lead

2-56 w/ 020" diameter lead 2-56 020 "0" Cap 2-56 020 Ground Point

2-56 Threaded

w/.024" dia. lead

2-56 w/.024" diameter lead 2-56 024 "0" Cap 2-56 024 Ground Point
4-40 Threaded 4-40 Threaded Style Filters 4-40 "0" Cap 4-40 Ground Points
8-32 Threaded 8-32 Threaded Style Filters 8-32 "0" Cap 8-32 Ground Points
1/4-28 Threaded 1/4-28 Threaded Style Filters Not available at this time. Not available at this time.
Metric Threaded Metric Threaded Style Filters Metric "0" Cap Metric Ground Points
Press-Ins Press-In Style Filters    Press-In "0" Cap Press-In Ground Point
Solder-Ins Solder-In Filters Solder-In "0" Cap Solder-In Ground Points















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