EMI offers an array of options including environmental testing, custom lead trimming, plating variations and MIL style testing. 

Affordable MIL Alternative Testing:

    EMI offers an alternative to full blown expensive MIL style testing with a simplified testing and environmental screening program using the most relevant parts of MIL-PRF-28861. For a simplified .pdf flow chart, click here.  Some of the highlights include:

  • 100% 10x visual inspection of solder joints prior to epoxy......gaps in the lead wire solder joint allow noise leaks.
  • 100% Temperature cycling per MIL-PRF-28861C, Test Condition A.....5 cycles -55 to +125 degrees Celsius.
  • 100% Burn-In at 125 degrees Celsius, 2x rated voltage for 48 hours.  Other voltages and times are available.
  • 100% DWV, IR, Capacitance and D.F. testing.
  • Data package available.

Special Platings:

    EMI offers all of our products in a variety of platings as required by your application:

  •  Silver per QQ-S-365A.  This is standard for all bolt style filters.  Available on solder-ins where economy is a significant consideration.
  • Gold per MIL-G-45204, Type 3, Grade 1.  This is standard for solder-in and press-in types where wire bonding is to be performed.     
  • Gold per MIL-G-45204, Type 1, Class 0.  Very solderable and an economical alternative to wire bond gold.  Standard requirement for most solder-in types.  This type is also an attractive alternative plating of bolt style filters where silver migration is an issue.
  • 90% Lead/10%Tin.  A cheap solderable plating often used where silver migration is an issue.   


Special Lead Wire Lengths/Placement:

     EMI can custom fabricate filters for your specific need.

  • For bolt style filters, EMI can position virtually any lead length anywhere in relation to the body using our patented assembly process.  This is ideal for applications where the user desires a stepped lead length presentation allowing a row of installed filters to easily mate with a circuit board.  EMI offers a range of standard lead wire lengths to accomplish your goal with a minimum of added cost.
  • For smaller quantities, EMI can cut leads on solder-in and press-in style filters to exact lengths.  The leads can be cut before or after plating, it is up to you. We can have larger quantities made to your exact specifications.  EMI also entertains requests for longer lead lengths.








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