At the EMI Filter Company, we know that sometimes it is necessary to return parts.  In order to make this process go as smoothly as possible, we have set the following plolicies for returned goods.

  1. Please call and request permission to return parts.  You will be given instructions on how to ship the goods, and to whose attention to direct the return package.  Parts returned "out of the blue" may not be hanled in the appropriate manner.
  2. Your return paperwork MUST refer to the invoice and purchase order numbers you are returning the parts against.  If these numbers are not included, any credit issued will be based on your lowest historical price paid for that part, and not on your most recent orders.  Also include the reason for your return, and the disired resolution to the return issue (credit, rework, replacement).
  3. NOTE:  In the absence of any drawing or written specifications supplied by you at the time of the order, standard parts will be manufactured and shipped based on our drawings and specifications.  If you have special requirements, (such as concentricity or epoxy mensicus height tolerance) these must be specified when you place the order.  Parts returned by your Q.C. department due to variance from unspecified requirements will be treated as customer error returns.
  4. If parts are being returned due to error on your end, they must:
    A) Returned in the original packaging
    B) Be returned in salable condition
              Parts returned otherwise will be subjected to a 20% return/restocking fee, and parts damaged by the customer will NOT be credited.
  5. Parts returned for credit due to customer error will NOT be credited for original, return, or replacement freight.
  6. If parts are returned due to an error on our end, please:
    A) Return them in the original packaging wherever possible
    B) Take all reasonable precautions to avoid damage to the parts.  Damage by the customer to parts returned due to our error will be evaluated on a case by case basis.
  7. Parts returned due to our error will be eligible for freight credit as necessary. 
  8. "Cash" credit for returned parts will be posted using our credit memos ONLY.  We cannot track other people's debit memos.  It is better to let a questioned invoice "hang" as pending that not post and reverse multiple notes and memos.



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