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4-40 Threaded types

     B3 Series mini 4-40:

Originally created by EMI, the B3 is the world's most popular 4-40 style.  The short .140" long thread length and small .125" hex with up to .033uF capacitance makes the B3 an easy choice.

B3 "C" Circuit mini 4-40 filter

     B4 Series 4-40:

The original 4-40 filter.  Available in "C" and "L" circuits up to .1uF.  Thread is .220" long and the hex head is .156". 

     B5 Series short 4-40:

Combines the much of the small size B3 series with the higher voltage and capacitance limits of the B4 series.  Available in "C" and "L" circuits up to .1uF.


     R3 Series mini 4-40:

Another EMI Original!  The R3 is the round or turret head version of the B3 series.  The short .140" long thread length and small .125" round head allows tighter spacing for the same price.  Up to .033uF in either a "C" or "L" configurations.

     T4 Series High Capacitance 4-40:

Combining the capacitance and circuits available in large 1/4-28 type filters with the slender size of a 4-40!  Available in "C" and "L" circuit configurations up to .5uF! "Pi" configuration available up to .2uF and "T" configuration up to .1uF. These are ideal in applications where voltages and current are limited.




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