Press-In Filters

The EMI Filter Company press-ins are so dramatically superior to other existing press-ins that it has been awarded multiple patents.  Rather than a gear cross section being crushed into a round hole, progessively larger "Talons" broach and fold the mounting bulkhead with a force one third that of other press-ins. Available in industry standard .156" flange (PZ Series) and our new, smaller, .1235" flange (PXS Series).



NEW!  PXS series press-in

     PXS Series Mini Press-In:

.1235" Diameter Flange.  Available in "C" circuits from "0"pF to .01uF.  Click Here for Spec Sheets.


     PZ Series Press-In:

   .156" Diameter flange, same as common press-ins.  Available in "C" circuits from "0"pF to .033uF.   Click Here  for Spec Sheets.


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