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8-32 Threaded types

     B7 Series short thread 8-32:

Combines a short .140" thread length with a shallow .075" high by .156" hex head to limit protrusion on either side of the mounting bulkhead compared to the "Industry Standard" B8 series.  Available in "C" and "L" styles up to .1uF. 

B7 "C" Circuit 8-32 Filter

     B8 Series "Industry Standard" 8-32:

The original 8-32 low pass filter.  Available in "C" and "L" circuits up to .1uF.  Thread is .266" long and the hex head is .093" tall by .156".   The exrta long thread harkens back to the early days when the only way to build this type of filter was with a long fragile ceramic tubular capacitor.  EMI filters are built exclusively with ceramic multilayer discoidal capacitors.



     T7 Series High Capacitance 8-32:

Combining the capacitance and circuits available in large 1/4-28 type filters with the smaller size of a 8-32!  Available in "C" and "L" circuit configurations up to .5uF! "Pi" configuration available up to .2uF and "T" configuration up to .1uF.  These are ideal in applications where voltages and current are limited.



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